Steligence® is a global initiative by ArcelorMittal using scientific evidence to show the benefits of steel design in building construction. Using a holistic analysis concept, competitive steel building solutions are identified.

Steligence® allows building owners, architects, and engineers a fact based approach to view building construction, for collaboration to build sustainable, more cost-effective buildings. Discover our Steligence® case studies to learn more.

Growing Green

Clearly, why growing up – not out – is the answer

Which would you rather have: 55 city blocks, or an orchard that can grow 22 million apples? They both take up the same amount of space (121 hectares / 300 acres), but one increases urban sprawl, en...

Solving the Canadian housing crisis with Steligence®

Steel offers environmental and financial benefits for high-rise constr

Cities are economic engines. They have the greatest concentrations of companies, the most job opportunities and the highest salaries. However, housing in major cities is increasingly unaffordable. The...

Achieving net zero energy ready with steel

Weighing in on the benefits and performance of steel construction

Awareness is growing of sustainable building technologies and the need to reduce energy consumption. For architects, designers, engineers, contractors and developers, this increasing environmental con...

The Guiding Science of Steel Design

Building the most sustainable, cost-effective mid-rise building

Using scientific analysis to guide construction Mid-rise residential buildings can be found in cities across NorthAmerica, and more are under construction every day. Withcommercial spaces at street...

Steligence®: The Intelligent Construction Choice

Steel has long been integrated into building construction and recogniz

In the case study presented here, a mid-rise office building in the GTA area was virtually designed using steel component construction and contrasted against concrete construction. The functionality o...

Real Steel Cost Advantages – Consider. Choose. Challenge.

Start at the foundation where the loads imposed by a steel frame are u

There is evidence in the field and through third-party case studies and comparative cost studies that steel building systems offer significant cost benefits over competitive building materials when th...