Vol. 51, Issue 1 • Public Spaces

AZM150 Galvalume® Steel Provides Added Protection to this Heritage Trust Structure

Wolfville’s Railroad Station is one of Nova Scotia’s few remaining brick railway stations. The Station was abandoned in 1990 when Dominion Atlantic Railway ceased passenger service in the Annapolis Valley. However, after months of community fundraising efforts, private donations, and support from the Province and the Town of Wolfville, the station was purchased by the Wolfville Library Foundation.

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The station, a two-and-a-half storey brick and stone building,
is valued for its historical association to the railway system
in the Annapolis Valley and for its renovation in 1993 by
Wolfville’s citizens. In 1994, the Foundation received the
Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia Built Heritage Award for the
Station’s restoration. The current Wolfville Memorial Library,
is one of eleven branches of the Annapolis Valley Regional
Library System. In 2017 it was determined that the original
shingles on the railroad station, now the Wolfville Library,
had reached the end of their service life.

Harvey Freeman, of FMB Architecture I Design, the project
architect for the re-roofing, elected to use a diamond shaped
roof tile made from ArcelorMittal Dofasco’s .38mm (.0149”)
pre-painted AZM150 Galvalume steel in the Granite Deep
Mat paint system, coloured QC60035 Graphite Gray. Granite
Deep Mat is a pre-painted Galvalume coated steel that
combines excellent formability and corrosion resistance and
brings differentiation and originality in roofing and cladding
designs for residential and commercial building projects.

According to a community consultation done by the Annapolis
Valley Regional Library (AVRL) in late 2017, most agree that
a larger library is needed in Wolfville.“The planning is in the
early stages,” says Ann-Marie Mathieu, chief executive officer
of AVRL. “We are looking at all possibilities and how a new
library fits in with the aspirations of the Town of Wolfville.”
According to the survey results, most people want the
library to stay in the current building, but the community has
two needs: a traditional library as well as a social gathering
space. The current Library space is 269m2 (2,900 sq. ft.).

The Annapolis Valley Regional Library – Wolfville Library Needs
Assessment, 2017, estimated that the design population for the

Wolfville Library to be 13,000, with the total space requirement
being 1,382m2 (14,880 sq. ft.). A working group of staff and
volunteers, with relevant experience, has been composed
and is looking at how the library fits with the ongoing review
of the town’s planning documents.

South and Northwest elevations of the re-roofed historic Wolfville Railway Station, now the Wolfville Library, showing the diamond shaped pattern roofing tile made from ArcelorMittal Dofasco’s pre-painted .45mm (.0179”) AZM150 Galvalume using the Granite Deep Mat paint system coloured QC60036 Graphite Gray, with snow guards.


Town of Wolfville, N.S. 902-542-3960


FMB Architecture I Design 902-429-4100


Diamond Steel Roofing Systems 1-888-810-7663


Mid Valley (1997) Ltd. 902-765-6312

Diamond Steel Roofing Systems 1-888-810-7663

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