Vol. 50, Issue 2

LustreLok™ – the Advanced Acrylic Coating for Galvanized Steel

LustreLok™ is a thin, clear organic coating, applied to both sides of the galvanized steel as a final protective layer over the zinc coating. LustreLok provides an attractive appearance and enhances the traditional look of galvanized steel. The application of an organic coating eliminates the need for ArcelorMittal to apply conventional chemical treatment and vanishing oil.

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This enhancement offers our customers and users the following benefits:

• The product is designed to be roll formed dry,
which eliminates the need for lubricants
• Lower maintenance costs – reduced coating build-up
and reduced tool wear will extend die life.
• Improved productivity – extended die life results in
longer production runs.
• Enhanced scheduling flexibility – eliminates the need
for die clean-up prior to roll forming prepainted metals
or other unoiled products.

• Excellent resistance to staining during transit
and field storage.
• Reduces smudging and streaks associated with rolling oils.
• Effectively resists fingerprinting and foot printing
during installation.

• Finished product is delivered to the job site dry,
providing a safer, oil-free surface for workers.

• Z001-Z600
• G01-G210

Commercial Steel – ASTM A653/A653M
Structural Steel – ASTM A653/A653M
Forming Steel – ASTM A653/A653M
HSLA – ASTM A653/A653M

• 0.25mm (.010”) to 2.31mm (.091”) thickness
• 1,537mm (60.5”) maximum width

• Roofing
• Cladding and Siding
• Ceiling Grid Systems
• Ducting
• Electrical Boxes
• Light Steel Framing
• Pools (above ground and in-ground)
• Major Appliances
• Building Components and Accessories
• Garage Doors
• Grain Bins, Truss Plates
• Industrial Packaging.

Close up of machinery

Roll Forming – the product is designed to be roll formed dry, which eliminates the need for lubricants. Photo: Samco Machinery

Steel Roof

Over time, the clear organic coating will disappear from weathering, leaving the natural appearance of the galvanized coating.

Interior steel beams

The organic resin does not discolour or yellow during exposure – as verified by ArcelorMittal during actual building inspections, outdoor exposure testing, as well as accelerated weathering and corrosion testing.

A slight darkening and gloss reduction can be expected, as with any metallic coating during weathering.

angled steel roof

LustreLok™ used in composite deck applications should be tested in accordance with CSSBI S2-2017 “Criteria for the Testing of Composite Slabs” or ANSI/SDI T-CD-2017 “Test Standard for Composite Steel Deck-Slabs”.

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