Steel Design


Spring 2019

Pre-painted Z275 (G90) galvanized steel, clads environmentally conscious self storage structure

The renovation of this 100-year-old 18,580m2 (200,000 sq. ft.) Yarn Mill into an energy efficient storage facility, occurred over several phases. PHASE 1: Demolition started January 5, 2018 and occupancy on the first floor was July 25, 2018.

PHASE 2 begins this summer. Significant challenges were experienced in turning a structure which was built 100 years ago into a state-of-the-art energy efficient building that would be NET ZERO on electricity and heating/cooling. Consistent with the owners sustainability goals a geothermal energy system was installed that provides heating/cooling and in turn controls the humidity.

This Summer a Net Metering System will be installed that will produce electricity for their own consumption. To help keep the size and cost of these systems feasible, they had to look all the loads that would be created and try to reduce consumption of watts per square foot.

Green Storage Interior

Research was conducted to determine cost effective ways to find the balance of costs between LED lighting, insulation, solar, geothermal, domestic water consumption and controls. The result, is an energy efficient, spacious and attractive facility. Objective achieved.

Green Storage Facilities are located across Ontario – Ajax, Bolton, Aurora, Keswick, Newmarket, Orillia, Toronto and now Hamilton.

Green Storage Hamilton

Green Storage Solutions Inc. 905-424-2947


ATKINS + VAN GROLL Inc. 416-489-7888


Agway Metals 1-866-631-3239


Chaiss Sheet Metal 519-954-0936


Green Storage Staff and Google

Wall cladding utilized for the exterior cladding on the renovated Yarn Mill:


Agway Metals 7-175 and HF12 siding coloured QC28262 Black


Agway QC10581 coloured Storage Green.

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